‘Hypermap is a lab for the remembering, combining and forgetting of (embodied) knowledge.’ For this project by Danslab makes a design installation in the gallery of the CBKU.

During the course of Performance Studies International, a group of dance professionals send messages to a private Facebook group, interpreting the event.

These messages are laid-out by a computer script and sent to a printer that prints them on graphing paper.

I subsequently coordinate the performers in attaching these to the wall: the performers make visual connections based on their understanding of the texts.

With: Diane Elshout, Bruno Listopad, Giulia Mureddu, Ola Maciejewska, Jochem Naafs, Jette Schneider. Production: Danslab, Bit Dansdramaturgie, PSI.

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  1. admin says:

    In the other PSI venues, the performers also did several interventions based on Ola Maciejewska’s unforgettable existents.

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