Workshop: Write me a shadow @ ENSAD Valence

May 3-4, 2012

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Even if a digital font is much more easily modified and reinterpreted than its counterpart in lead, most digital fonts are distributed under licences that prohibit modification and redistribution.


Typefaces released under an Open Source license, like the typefaces on the OSP Foundry, the League of Movable Type and also the Google Web Fonts have licenses that enable re-appropriation.

At the occasion of the workshop ‘Write me a Shadow’ we start from a collection of free and open source typefaces. We follow several approaches, through scripting and drawing, to generate new versions of these typefaces, contoured, shadowed, extruded, cut and redrawn. The typefaces are superimposed using Colorfont.js, using JavaScript and @font-face to create multi-coloured typefaces for the web. We use a modified version of this project developed by Manufactura Independente (Ana Carvalho & Ricardo Lafuente).

with Ludivine Loiseau / OSP

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